Below is a list of services that Sevenoaks Tree Care have for offer and an explanation of the terminology


Is the complete removal of all branches from the trunk. A very harsh form of tree surgery to be used with caution and only on appropriate variety of tree

Crown reductions

Crown reduction pruning is most often used when a tree has grown too large for the space it occupies and reduces the size of the trees crown whilst maintaining its natural shape.

Crown thinning

Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches throughout the centre of the crown to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown. Thinning opens the foliage of a tree and reduces weight on heavy limbs, whilst maintaining the tree’s natural shape.

Crown lifting

Removes the lower branches from the bottom of the canopy in order to allow more light through and provides clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings etc.

Dead wooding

The removal of deadwood, diseased or damaged branches from the crown of the tree to reduce the risk of falling branches causing accidents or injury, or if diseased branches threaten the health of the tree.

Tree removal

May be required for a number of reasons such as death, bad health of a tree or the hazardous nature of a tree, removal may be the only option in some situations. As many trees are located in close proximity to various types of buildings or structures  sectional dismantling may be the only option as apposed to straight felling. In these  to prevent damage rigging/lowering techniques are essential to get the tree safely on the ground.

Site Clearance

Where trees and vegetation need to be removed prior to development work, garden re structuring etc, we can provide a range of site clearance services, ranging from us just carrying out tree felling or dismantling for you to clear with your own site machinery, right up to full clearance with all vegetation removed from site.

Emergency Tree Clearance

In the event of damage to a tree, snapped/hanging/ broken limbs or a completely fallen tree, we can attend at short notice to clear the tree and make it safe. Please use the details on the Contact Us page. If there is no answer, please leave a message stating you have an emergency and we’ll call you back as soon as possible and or text or email as all lines of enquiry are checked at regular intervals.

Stump Removal

Where trees have been removed, leaving a stump in the ground can be an eyesore or present a trip hazard or vehicle obstruction. We can remove stumps by digging out, or using a grinder for larger stumps.

Hedge Cutting

Level up, trim and tidy of all hedges as they seasonally grow to maintain appearance and at current size.